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Roadhog Shoulder Piece Part 1

This is another of those..opps..I kinda made it and forgot to take photos post again. Sometimes I just get too in the zone and forget. However, I used a lot of the same techniques as I did for the tyre piece, so if you look on there you can get an idea of how this was made.

There are three main parts to the Shoulder Piece. The main piece, the small tyre detail and the hose. Here I have worked on the first two pieces.

The first piece is made from another hollow polystyrene ball cut into 1/4. I then added the trim details on the outside.

The second piece, the tyre, is made from the inside of a duct tape roll (I often keep anything like this because they are so handy!) And foam to create the tyre treads.

WARNING: When cutting any thick cardboard that is round be careful. I ended up stabbing my craft knife straight though my thumb whilst working on this which wasn't fun at all.

Here I'm going to jump ahead and...ta-da!

Covered in worbla!

And here it is next to the tyre!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!



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