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Roadhog Mask Part 1

Roadhog's mask is a huge part of his identity as a character. Above you can see the mask I bought as my base fo this piece. I was toying with the idea of having a full mask, but I don't think I would be comfortable wearing a mask that goes over my face when I can feel claustrophobic. Plus, I could see myself bumping into people and when wearing a rather bulky and spikey cosplay in places, I thought this would be safer.

Just out of coincidence the mask had the black and yellow tones that Roadhog's does - this will be covered of course, but it was nice to be able to visualise how it would turn out.

Excuse the crude drawing - I actually forgot to photograph the progress as I was doing this, but this is roughly how I did it.

I cut this shape out of foam and glued it into place on the front of the mask. I then used a thinner foam to cover round the edges and smooth down he sides to make the snout. I then covered this in warbla very carefully so I didn't melt any of the plastic from the original mask. When covering the mask I unscrewed the filter parts and took them out. I doubt I

will put these back in so I can breathe a little

easier when wearing the mask.

So here's how it tuned out to start with, with no details but just the shape in place.

You can see below I reshaped the bridge of the snout so it came down more with a point on the top. I also built the snout up more and added in the nostrils. This was done with scraps of warbla that I melted together to make a sort of worbla slurry of sorts which I can roll and mould into place.

Here you can see I've moulded more worbla scraps into the front of the snout and added in the sticking to cover the mouth.

You can see here how I have unscrewed the outter was canister parts so I can mould the worbla easier and make sure it's nice and close to the screw so there aren't any gaps.

I've still got a long way to go with this, smoothing it out more and working out how it's actually going to fir on my face...but it's a good start for sure!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!



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