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Roadhog Cosplay

But why would you want to look like him?! I have to admit, when I first saw Roadhog as a character, he made my skin crawl. I tried many characters and didn't want to play as him. However, as fate likes to be ironic sometimes, I tried him once and was hooked. (Bad pun, sorry)

Since Cosplaying as Tracer earlier this year I wanted a new challenge and who better then my main (well, not currently..hurry up updates!) hog, Roadhog. Looking over the character design from afar I thought it would be an easy build compaired to Tracer. Tracer was my first proper cosplay and I learnt a lot, what could be harder right? 

On closer inspection, Roadhog is a complex looking character with lots of small details that make him so unique. For example, I played as Roadhog constantly, but never took the time to realise he has his piggy holster on his back, or the small badges on his harness. 

Gotta say a big thanks to Blizzard for having reference kit documents for all thier characters. Here you can find the above images for yourself:

So here is my Cosplay journey. I have already started before this blog, so I will try my best to recall everything I have done so far and update you moving forwards with more detail. I tend to get lost in a build and end up forgetting to take photos. Maybe I'll start taking videos at some point, but for now, I'm just happy to be getting back to the build. 

To start with there will be a lot of updates coming through as I am spending a lot of time on this at the moment, though I will try and keep it consistant if I can. 

Cheers Love! x


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