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Currently specialising in Overwatch Cosplays and as Roadhog is my main I've got a special place for him in my heart.  Thank you for joining me here at www.cheerslove.co.uk

  • Charlotte

Roadhog Knee Pads part 1

For these parts I started with buying a pair of cheap knee pads. These would be the starting template for creating the knee pad covers. As I have played Roller Derby in the past, I'm used to wearing knee pads and thought it would be easier to customise a cheap pair then make them completely from scratch.

This post shows how I made the covers to go over the knee pads. Roadhog has two different knee pads. Watch the video below to see how I first sketched the skull kneepad then cut out different thicknesses of foam to create the shape.

I have already started working more on these, but have run out of Warble so cannot cot them just yet. The second part of this should be up soon!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!


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