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One of Roadhog's smaller, yet still detailed skin is his ROADR8GE licence plate belt buckle. As with all the pieces I make, the first thing was to draw out a template to size. It's quite large on Roadhog, so had to scale it so it would work in proportion with the rest of my cospl

I cut out the letters in a thin foam, making sure they fit nicely into the outside of the buckle. For this, I just stuck the whole pattern down onto foam and cut it out as it was less fiddley then trying to trace round the small letters.

The buckle itself was cut out of a thicker foam and rounded at the corners like the reference pictures I had. For ease, and because I had the

colours, I cut these pieces our in their correct colours. These would be covered in worbla, but it was nice to see what it could look like.

I cut out one blue layer of foam which included the seam-circle cut out on top, then cut another without this so the frame was higher round the edges. Layering foam is a really quick and easy way to give any project depth.

I then covered the whole thing in warbla. Using a wooden sculptors tool I was able to press the warble gently down in place to give it the 'embossed' letter effect I wanted. As usual, be careful not to over-tea the warbla (Or, in my case, to not be impatient!)

Putting a single sheet of warble over like this means you get a nice smooth and even finish with no seams.

I covered the back in warbla also and added a border around the outside so it looks blockier.

Now it's time to Plastic-Dip and prime ready for painting!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!


For these parts I started with buying a pair of cheap knee pads. These would be the starting template for creating the knee pad covers. As I have played Roller Derby in the past, I'm used to wearing knee pads and thought it would be easier to customise a cheap pair then make them completely from scratch.

This post shows how I made the covers to go over the knee pads. Roadhog has two different knee pads. Watch the video below to see how I first sketched the skull kneepad then cut out different thicknesses of foam to create the shape.

I have already started working more on these, but have run out of Warble so cannot cot them just yet. The second part of this should be up soon!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!


Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Priming the Roadhog Gun Holster with Plasti-dip means it has a durable rubber-like coating. This means it shouldn't crack over time and hopefully should keep its acrylic coat on better - time will tell!

After giving the warble a good coating with the Plastic-Dip and letting it dry completely I then used Rust-Oleum Matt Surface Primer over the top before I could start painting in acrylics.

Because Roadhog's props are all slightly scuffed and well-used I dry brushed a lot of acrylic layers to create the effect I wanted. This also helps with the leather-like texture for this particular prop.

You can see in the video below how I have built up the layers, working lighter colours into the darker ones with a dry-brushing technique.


What do you think? I still need to finish this off and do any last minute touches, but I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!



This is where I document my cosplay and crafting progress.
All cosplay material is my own work (unless stated otherwise) and all opinions are my own. I'm no expert in prop making or cosplay - I'm still learning as I go along. 

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