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This is another of those..opps..I kinda made it and forgot to take photos post again. Sometimes I just get too in the zone and forget. However, I used a lot of the same techniques as I did for the tyre piece, so if you look on there you can get an idea of how this was made.

There are three main parts to the Shoulder Piece. The main piece, the small tyre detail and the hose. Here I have worked on the first two pieces.

The first piece is made from another hollow polystyrene ball cut into 1/4. I then added the trim details on the outside.

The second piece, the tyre, is made from the inside of a duct tape roll (I often keep anything like this because they are so handy!) And foam to create the tyre treads.

WARNING: When cutting any thick cardboard that is round be careful. I ended up stabbing my craft knife straight though my thumb whilst working on this which wasn't fun at all.

Here I'm going to jump ahead and...ta-da!

Covered in worbla!

And here it is next to the tyre!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!


After looking into getting an actual tyre (The weight of this alone was enough to put me off) I realised I would have to make it another way. Polystyrene isn't the best of materials I'll admit. It melts easily and cutting the stuff makes the whole craft room look like a winter wonderland. Not ideal. However, for this make it was the only simple way I could think of to make the curve I needed.

You can see above I cut one half of the sphere down either side to start my tyre shape. I then added foam pieces along the outsides to create the lips down the side of the wheel. Using a lot of tape to hold the pieces in place, I was pretty happy with how this stage looked.

To start with I tired making the tyre treads out of more foam, but the curve of the shape made the pieces scrunch up in weird places and I wasn't happy with how it was looking. I spend a good two evening trying to make this work before admitting defeat and working out how else I could do this. Using a craft knife would be messy and the polystyrene particles of it was made of would mean I couldn't control the material as best I wanted to. If you've ever tried to snap polystyrene in half you will know what I mean. You can never get a good clean snap, it will always be jagged

because of the way it is made.

Instead, I decided to use my new wood burning took and see if I could melt the polystyrene away to make the tracks I wanted. I used a piece of scrap to see if it would work, and it did, as long as I didn't apply much pressure. The polystyrene literally melted away in seconds, meaning I had to be precise and quick with my melting.

WARNING: Wear a mask if you are going to do this, because melting polystyrene is not good for anyone's lungs I'm sure!

Then it was worbla covering time! I used one large piece to cover the outside, whilst pushing the warbla down into the tyre treads.

Next I worked on the 3 large spikes that go on the tyre. For this I started with a polystyrene cone (1). I sanded these down so they had more of a point. I wondered how I was going to make the correct shape and this is what I decided to do in the end. I got one of the thicker pieces of foam I have and cut out a circle, the same width as the bottom of the cone circumference. I then used a craft knife and a piece of sand paper to make a slant around the edges so the shape looked like no 2 in the diagram below and glued 1 and 2 together.

I then cut out two thick pieces of cardboard rings to make 3, a larger piece, and 4, a smaller piece. I first covered 1 and 2 in a piece of worbla. I then covered no 4 with worbla, though covered the top of the circle and down the sides so there was a flat surface of worbla along the top. I covered no 3 in worbla and attached it to no 2.

I then heated to the top of 4 so the worbla was payable and pressed no 3 down into the worbla. This made the effort to the left, where the spike is pressed down into the bottom ring with a nice worbla lip around the sides.

I hope that all makes sense!

I then headed up the worbla and stuck the spikes along the tyre in place.

Until next time,

Cheers Love!


Roadhog's mask is a huge part of his identity as a character. Above you can see the mask I bought as my base fo this piece. I was toying with the idea of having a full mask, but I don't think I would be comfortable wearing a mask that goes over my face when I can feel claustrophobic. Plus, I could see myself bumping into people and when wearing a rather bulky and spikey cosplay in places, I thought this would be safer.

Just out of coincidence the mask had the black and yellow tones that Roadhog's does - this will be covered of course, but it was nice to be able to visualise how it would turn out.

Excuse the crude drawing - I actually forgot to photograph the progress as I was doing this, but this is roughly how I did it.

I cut this shape out of foam and glued it into place on the front of the mask. I then used a thinner foam to cover round the edges and smooth down he sides to make the snout. I then covered this in warbla very carefully so I didn't melt any of the plastic from the original mask. When covering the mask I unscrewed the filter parts and took them out. I doubt I

will put these back in so I can breathe a little

easier when wearing the mask.

So here's how it tuned out to start with, with no details but just the shape in place.

You can see below I reshaped the bridge of the snout so it came down more with a point on the top. I also built the snout up more and added in the nostrils. This was done with scraps of warbla that I melted together to make a sort of worbla slurry of sorts which I can roll and mould into place.

Here you can see I've moulded more worbla scraps into the front of the snout and added in the sticking to cover the mouth.

You can see here how I have unscrewed the outter was canister parts so I can mould the worbla easier and make sure it's nice and close to the screw so there aren't any gaps.

I've still got a long way to go with this, smoothing it out more and working out how it's actually going to fir on my face...but it's a good start for sure!

Until next time,

Cheers Love!



This is where I document my cosplay and crafting progress.
All cosplay material is my own work (unless stated otherwise) and all opinions are my own. I'm no expert in prop making or cosplay - I'm still learning as I go along. 

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